PPO-Elektroniikka to restart export to Russia after a two-year break

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy has signed an agreement on the export of fire technology to Russia. The company will deliver Softex water mist extinguishing system to the third logistics centre under construction at Osinovaya Roscha Logopark situated in St. Petersburg. The Logistics centre has a size of 35,770 m². Osinovaya Roscha is a well-known client for the company – PPO-Elektroniikka has delivered a similar fire-extinguishing system suitable for high storage facilities to the first two centres.    

Osinovaya Roscha

Photo: Osinovaya Roscha  Logopark has three different centres. The first one was built in 2013.  

- For the last two years, it has been quiet with Russian trade because of the financial situation. We have patiently waited; we have never had any intention to withdraw from the Russian market.   We have been negotiating for many major construction projects in the future and we are ready to supply fire-extinguishing technology at any time, says Managing Director Timo Ohtonen.

- Our Country Manager Boris Rybalchenko works in the St. Petersburg office and takes care of the Russian customers. We have been in the Russian market since 2003 and during that time, we have delivered over 100 systems. It has been nice to do business with Russians, says Ohtonen.

Long-term fire safety work in Russia
St. Petersburg City Government has recognized PPO-Elektroniikka’s long-term fire safety work in the St. Petersburg area. PPO-Elektroniikka has been collaborating with the city of St. Petersburg, the local fire safety organizations and public authorities since the beginning of the 2000s.

The Softex water mist extinguishing system is a low-pressure extinguishing solution with low water consumption that is ideal for property protection. Systems can be installed both in renovation work and for newly built properties. The small amount of water used in the extinguishing process minimizes water damage. The system is a Finnish product developed and manufactured by Firecon Group.


Photos: Softex-presentation in St. Petersburg 2015. Softex water mist extinguishing system is suitable
              especially for high storage facilities.

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Some of the references in Russia 

-          Alexandrinsky Theatre (Photo 1)

-          Lenta -shopping centers ( Photo 2)

-          The Ambassador Hotel (Photo 3)

-          Large logistics centres such as Osinovaya Roscha -terminal and Troitskiy Logopark.


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