MEV® is now a registered EU-trademark

The product family name MEV® of our insulation level monitoring system is now a registered trademark.

MEV EU trademark

PPO-Elektroniikka was founded in 1981. In the same year, we set out to develop an insulation level monitoring system to improve operating rooms' electrical safety. We named this system MEV, which comes from the Finnish words "earth insulation level control". During these 40 years, we have developed five generations, the most recent of which, the MEV-8, was completed in production in 2019.

Over the years, we have delivered more than 30,000 MEV-systems to Finnish hospitals. We also developed the latest generation MEV-8 hardware for export. Now, in early 2021, we have representation in 19 countries. According to our global market survey, the MEV-8 product family has significant potential worldwide. The development is primarily due to the legislation requirements – more and more is being invested in electrical safety. It is a matter of patient and staff safety.

Finland has been a pioneer in the electrical safety of operating rooms. Insulation level monitoring became mandatory in 1983, while in other European countries, it became mandatory in 2015.

Our trademark covers categories 9 (electrical network monitoring devices, monitoring units, network management monitoring devices and electrical monitoring devices) and 10 (monitoring devices for medical purposes).

With all our solutions, we aim to improve safety and prevent damages. Our long-term clients include hospital builders, hospitals and hospital districts, engineering and electrical design offices, industrial and transportation companies. Over the years, we also have made security-related solutions for the Police and the Finnish Defense Forces.

PPO® is also a registered trademark. We use the abbreviation PPO in our services, and we are known in the industry by that abbreviation.

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