Fire safety

Fire safety

We provide fire protection with our products and solutions. We operate both in Finland and internationally. We have solutions for both fire detection and fire fighting.

Softex Fire Extinguishing System  

PPO-Elektroniikka launched the export of Finnish Softex fire extinguishing systems to Russia in 2003. The Softex water mist extinguishing system is a low-pressure extinguishing solution with low water consumption that is ideal for property protection. Systems can be installed both in renovation work and for newly-built properties.

We have provided more than 100 systems. For example, in St. Petersburg, we have built the system for the Alexandrinsky Theatre, the Ambassador Hotel and large logistics centers such as Osinovaya Roscha -terminal and Troitskiy Logopark. We have done cooperation with the Russian authorities all the time.

Our Country Manager Boris Rybalchenko is taking care of connections in the St. Petersburg

Boris Rybalchenko
+7 812 995-6425

Mariinski theater    Ambassador hotel   Warehouse_Softex  Lenta  Osinovaya Roscha


FOG Fire Extinguishing Plate

Upon activation, FOG will extinguish any fire that is about to spread. Every single adhesive FOG Fire Extinguishing Plate works independently.

If the temperature rises to over 120°C (FOG-0.5 => 110°C), the microcapsules of the FOG Fire Extinguishing Plate will break, releasing fire-extinguishing agents, preventing the development of the fire. The innovative technology in FOG products guarantees reliable fire safety. The development of any new fires is stopped within a matter of seconds.




Max volume of protected object

Activation temperature

Operating temperature

FOG 20


20 litres

120 ± 5°C

-40 / +65°C

FOG 30


30 litres

120 ± 5°C

-40 / +65°C

FOG 50


50 litres

120 ± 5°C

-40 / +65°C

FOG 65


65 litres

120 ± 5°C

-40 / +65°C

FOG 0.5


0.5 litres

110 ± 5°C

-40 / +65°C

Suitable for extinguishing fires of the following classes: A, B, C, E

Shelf life: 60 months


Optex HSSD - Aspiration smoke detector for very early warningOptex HSSD

World’s smallest stand alone smoke sensor with high sensitivity. Built-in fan enabling to sample the air and analyse the presence of smoke particulates. Optex HSSD detect invisible smoke particles scattered by air current and will provide a much earlier warning than traditional smoke sensors.

  • Designed to fit inside cabinets allowing it to detect very rapidly if equipment is generating any smoke
  • The sensitivity of the sensor can be set to detect the density of smoke particle as low as 0.1% HSSD sensors is there to prevent any fire to break out in equipment cabinets.

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