At the beginning of our operations in 1981, we developed our MEV® insulation monitoring system for operating theatres.
Our solution is used in all Finnish hospitals. The fifth-generation MEV-8 was completed in 2019 and now it is also our export product.

We are proud to have long-term relationships with our clients. We serve both the public and the private sector in Finland. Our customers are hospitals, hospitals districts and companies working in hospital and healthcare facility design, construction, engineering, commissioning, maintenance and estate management. Our customers also include industrial, housing and security companies.

We have been working with our excellent partners and subcontractors for decades. 

We aim to provide our customers with high-quality products and solutions as well as personalized service. 

At the International level, we have partners and customers in 21 countries, for example in the Baltic States, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Malaysia, Russia and Belarus. 

We launched the export of Finnish Softex fire -extinguishing systems to Russia in 2003.  We have provided more than 100 systems. For example, in St. Petersburg, we have built the system for the Alexandrinsky Theatre, the Ambassador Hotel and large logistics centres such as Osinovaya Roscha -terminal and Troitskiy Logopark.

Examples of our clients and partners

Our long-term subcontractors in Finland Subcontarcors


Examples of our international partnersInternational cooperation

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Case examples

Few of the latest hospital references in Finland

Case examples in Finland   MEV-system

HUS - The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa

New Children´s hospital

MEV Insulation Level Monitoring System provides constant, safe and secure monitoring of electrical systems in critical environments. We have delivered over 30 000 systems in Finland. One of our clients is HUS - The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa. For example, we installed our MEV-7 system to the New Children's Hospital (in photo). The news Children´s hospital provides medical care for patients from all over Finland. It is a part of Helsinki University Hospital (HUH).

We have started also MEV export in 2019. We are happy to give more information, tel. +358 9 566 09210.

Meat Prosessing Plant Veijo Votkin, Helsinki


Our Camera surveillance system is monitoring Meat Prosessing Plant Veijo Votkin´s production facilities and factory outlets. Over 4 000 square meter facilities are located in Sörnäinen, Helsinki. Veijo Votkin was founded in 1978, personnel is over 90.


Finnsoffat Oy, Kerava


Fire alarm system to Finsoffat furniture factory and factory outlet. We plan and install fire alarm and water leak detective systems to properties such as hotels, hostels and housing companies in Finland.


Elker Oy, Helsinki 


Container tracking devices to Elker Ltd.’s containers. Elker is a service company owned by three producer organisations. With over 10 years of experience, Elker fosters WEEE recycling reliably and with proficiency.  We have a range of solutions for tracking. We also have our own PPO-tracking service.  


Indoor climbing arena Salmisaari, Helsinki 


Video surveillance system to Helsinki Kiipeilyareena, which is the longest and also the highest indoor climbing arena in Northern Countries.


Marskin maja, Loppi

Marskin maja

Video surveillance system to Marskin maja, which was  the hunting lodge of Marshal Mannerheim and nowadays historical monument and very popular tourist attraction in Finland.


Fire-extinquishing systems, Russia


Fire-extinquishing system to Teknos paint factory situated in Saint Petersburg. We export Softex fire-extinguishing systems in Russia, Baltic countires and Belarus. We have provided more than 100 large-scale fire-extinguishing systems for example the Alexandrinsky-theatre and the Ambassador Hotel, as well as several dozen logistics centers.

The Softex water mist extinguishing system is a low-pressure extinguishing solution with low water consumption that is ideal for property protection. Systems can be installed both in renovation work and for newly-built properties.

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