At the beginning of our operations in the 80s, we developed our MEV® insulation monitoring system for operating rooms.
Our solution is used in all Finnish hospital districts. The fifth-generation MEV-8 was completed in 2019, and now it is also our export product.

We are proud to have long-term relationships with our clients. We serve both the public and the private sector. Our primary customers are hospitals, hospital districts and companies working in hospital and healthcare facility design, construction, engineering, commissioning, maintenance and estate management. Our customers also include industrial, housing and security companies.

We aim to provide our customers with high-quality products and solutions and personalized service.

At the International level, we have partners and customers in 24 countries, for example, the Baltic States, Uk, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Malaysia, India and Saudi Arabia.

Examples of our clients and partners

Few of the latest hospital references in Finland

MEV-8 Insulation Monitoring System

MEV® Insulation Level Monitoring System provides constant, safe and secure monitoring of electrical systems in critical hospital environments. We have delivered over 30 000 systems in Finland. One of our clients is HUS – The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa.

For example, we installed our MEV-7 system at the New Children’s Hospital (in photo). The news Children’s hospital provides medical care for patients from all over Finland. It is a part of Helsinki University Hospital (HUH).

We have already delivered the latest, fifth-generation MEV-8 equipment to 21 countries.

PPO® ForExt

In 2020, we developed an environmentally friendly fire-fighting chemical PPO® ForExt for extinguishing forest fires.

In June 2021, The South Savo Rescue Department arranged spreadability tests in Mikkeli, Finland. Tests were part of the Ministry of the Interior’s Rescue Department’s project “Development of an operating model for a special resource for wildfire firefighting”. The tests showed that PPO® ForExt mixed with water could be used with all existing equipment.

In June 2022, The Karelian Brigade of the Defense Forces and the South Savo Rescue Department tested PPO® Forext to stop the forest fire and prevent it from spreading. It was found to work excellently in all situations and by different application methods.

In July 2021, the PPO® ForExt was used in the aftermath of a forest fire in Kalajoki, Finland. Its functionality was clearly noticeable.



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