MEV®-8 Insulation Monitoring Equipment for medical IT systems

The MEV®-8 Insulation Monitoring System monitors the safety of electrical equipment in operating rooms, where defective electrical equipment can cause serious incidents. For over 43 years, our MEV systems have saved lives and protected valuable equipment in all Finnish hospitals.

We have developed our newest fifth-generation MEV-8 equipment with hospital engineers and international partners. The new equipment meets all national and international (IEC 60364-7-710) regulations and technical standards.

The MEV®-8 Insulation-level Monitoring System – How it works

  • The electric power network of the operating room is separated from the electrical grid by a medical insulation transformer.
  • The insulation-level monitoring system monitors all the electrical devices connected behind this transformer. Units control the insulation level of the IT system, the transformer load, temperature, and the continuity of protective earth 24/7.
  • The equipment indicates the faults and problems before dangerous situations arise.

Ensuring critical medical facilities electrical safety

Operating rooms are so-called group 2 medical facilities where the interfaces of electrically operated medical devices are used for near-heart functions. Faulty electrical equipment can be life-threatening for the patient and staff. Even the slightest equipment failure and leakage current can lead to burns, fire and even severe electric shock. Detecting electrical problems early is a crucial issue in the operating room.

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The fifth-generation MEV®-8

The MEV®-8 insulation level monitoring system monitors all the electrical devices connected behind the medical transformer. Units control the insulation level of the IT system, the transformer load, temperature, and the continuity of protective earth 24/7.
Alarms are indicated via LED lights and relay contacts. MEV-8 operates 230Vac, 50/60Hz.

The solution is also available as a pre-assembled IT power supply system, made to order according to the customer’s specifications. The equipment includes insulation level monitors, a protective isolation transformer and standard central accessories.

MEV®-8 Insulation Monitoring Equipment

MEV-8 insulation level monitoring device

  • Monitors the insulation of a floating IT network (leakage current), transformer load (current A) and temperature (°C).

EV-8 Monitoring panel

  • Indicates insulation level alarms, line controller alarms and test lead faults.

M-8 Transformer monitoring panel

  • Indicates any overloading and temperature alarms.

SP-8 System monitoring panel

  • Indicates any insulation level alarms, line controller alarms, test lead faults, transformer overloading, and temperature alarms.

LC-8 Line controller

  • Monitors the continuity of a floating IT network’s protective earth.

FI-8 Fault locator unit

  • Locates any insulation faults in a floating IT network.

AG-8 Alarm transfer unit

  • The AG-8 Alarm transfer unit transmits alarms to touch-screen panels and controls the room’s PC programmes via the RS-485 bus.

Maximising safety with a new-generation system

The starting point for the new-generation equipment was to transform the context of developing customer needs without compromising technical durability or operability. An essential feature for the international market was an insulation fault positioning feature, based on which we started to create the new insulation monitoring equipment.

Continuous PE-continuity monitoring 24/7

The new-generation equipment includes monitoring of PE continuity. This enables continuous 24/7 monitoring, prevents dangerous situations and decreases the costs of laborious inspections. It complements and ensures the continuity of protective earth between the distribution board and the last socket. If the PE wire breaks, the insulation-level monitoring will not work with that fuse wire.
A missing PE cable may also prevent automatic fuse operation.

Insulation monitoring brings safety, efficiency and cost-savings

  • Protects the patients and personnel from electric shocks
  • Prevents electrical fires and burns
  • Ensures that unnecessary downtime can be avoided
  • Ensures that the service life of surgical equipment is extended.

National legislation may not require IT systems and insulation-level monitoring in G2 facilities, but it is seriously worth considering. In addition to increasing safety, it also reduces costs. Notably, the proactive monitoring system eases technical work and ensures that operations are not interrupted. When problems are detected early, hazardous situations during operations can be prevented.

In Finland, every operating room is insulated with medical isolation transformers, and no surgery is performed without insulation-level monitoring.


Finnish hospitals still have older generations, such as MEV-4 -equipment, in their operating rooms. That shows our MEV system to be durable, reliable and long-lasting. Constant quality control and careful manufacturing guarantee the quality and functionality of our equipment.

We are looking for distributors, especially in Europe. We would be happy to tell you more.
We also deliver the MEV®-8 system directly to hospitals all over the world.

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Our MEV team has strong experience in medical insulation monitoring

Our MEV® team has 43 years of experience in insulation monitoring. PPO-Elektroniikka Oy is a reliable partner. We have received the highest possible Dun & Bradstreet Credit Worthiness Classification and the highest credit rating by Bisnode Finland.

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy is a member of the Association of Finnish Hospital Engineering.

Articles in International Publications

The IFHE Digest. This publication offers views from the hospital and healthcare sector written by engineers, architects, and facility managers worldwide. It is published every year by The International Federation of Hospital Engineering.

HEJ Healthcare Estate Journal 9/2020: Insulation monitoring brings safety and cost-savings Pages 69-72 / Authors Mr Timo Ohtonen and Mr Petri Pelkonen


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MEV®-8 Insulation Monitoring system (Fifth-generation, since 2019)

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