Control forest fires with fluorine- and halogen-free PPO® ForExt

Finnish companies Kiilto and PPO-Elektroniikka Oy combined their expertise and developed a water-saving fire-fighting chemical, PPO® ForExt. It has a flame-retardant effect: it puts out the fire and prevents it from spreading. ForExt can be used preventively for hot work and for handling all fires outdoors.

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PPO® ForExt stops the fire and prevents it from spreading

  • Mix with water ( 1:100) and spread on the outer edges of the forest fire.
  • Stops fire and prevents it from spreading forward.
  • Application with any fire equipment.
  • Stops the further flow of fire into buildings.
  • can be used in hot work and as all fire handling outdoors to prevent the spread of fire.
  • Suitable also for small-scale fire extinguishing, such as ensuring the extinguishing of campfires and protecting buildings and courtyards in the fire area.

A low-cost and sustainable solution – for global use

  • Reduce morbidity and mortality from forest fires and small particles.
  • Saves forests – the lungs of the world.
  • Protects wild animals and valuable, diverse vegetation.
  • Prevents considerable damages to property and assets.

How to use PPO® ForExt

PPO® ForExt was tested in a forest fire in Kalajoki, Finland, in July 2021. Mixed with water, it effectively prevented the fire from spreading forward. PPO® ForExt has a flame-retardant effect:
it puts out the fire and prevents it from spreading.

This video demonstrates how PPO® ForExt works. Before we lit the fire, we treated the right side of the hay with the ForExt-water mixture (1:100). The left side was left untreated. We ignited both sides with a burning object. The left side burned completely, but the fire did not spread to the area treated with ForExt.

PPO® ForExt in action – The test day in Niinisalo, Finland, June 2023

Half of the test area was treated with the ForExt-water mixture, while the other half was treated with pure water.
The fire spreads rapidly in the area treated with pure water.
The fire spread stops at the edge of the area where the ForExt-water mixture has been applied.

PPO® ForExt in action – the test day in Vekarajärvi, Finland, June 2022

The mixture was applied to a confined area with a small hand sprayer and heavier equipment.
The fire was lit in a dry, large pile of twigs.

The fire subsided quickly and did not spread from the treated area.

Kiilto Oy and PPO-Elektroniikka Oy – strong Finnish family businesses

Kiilto Oy is responsible for producing the fire retardant and PPO-Elektronika Oy for the development, marketing and application technology development of PPO® ForExt.

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy specialises in safety technology. The company has produced tailored solutions to improve safety and minimise since 1981. Representing the company’s production, the MEV insulation level monitoring system monitors the electrical safety of operating rooms 24/7. The fifth-generation MEV-8 system is already being exported to 24 countries.

Kiilto Oy is a growing Finnish family-owned company with a hundred-year history. The company develops, manufactures and markets chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial bonding, professional hygiene and consumer goods. Kiilto develops environmentally friendly fire retardants, for example, for the wood, paper and packaging industries.

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