FHE Digest 2022: Training operating room staff in electrical safety


The new IFHE Digest 2022 has been published by The International Federation IFHE_Digest_2022of Hospital Engineering (IFHE). Our Development Manager Petri Pelkonen and Technical Manager Kimmo Konttinen have written an article about training operating room staff in electrical safety.

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Although technology has advanced tremendously and electronic medical devices meet all required standards, electrical problems are common in an operating room environment. An electrical hazard can lead to injuries and even fatalities. Therefore, the best possible early warning system must be in place. In addition to that, the staff need to know how to use the equipment correctly and what to do if an electronic device breaks down. This is essential for improving patient and staff safety.

With the latest technology, hospital staff can efficiently prevent potential serious hazards early before damage occurs. The best possible safety level is obtained through good training and cooperation between OR staff and technical staff.

Read the article ”Training operating room staff in electrical safety” on pages 68-70.

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IFHE Digest -publication offers views from the hospital and healthcare sector written by engineers, architects and facility managers all over the world. IFHE Digest is published every year by The International Federation of Hospital Engineering.


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