MEV®-8 Central Monitoring System for Malaysian Hospitals


Our Malaysian partner, BEC Engineering Sdn Bhd, has delivered the MEV®-8 Central Monitoring System (CMS-8) to the Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC) and Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute). This is an excellent example of how we build electrical safety in critical hospital facilities with our international partners.

Our reliable and durable MEV®-8 system protects patients, staff and electronic medical equipment from electrical hazards in Malaysian hospitals. Since 2019, we have already delivered our system to several private hospitals.

BEC Engineering Sdn Bhd, our Distributor since 2019 in the Asia-Pacific region

BEC Engineering is the Asia-Pacific region’s exclusive Distributor, i.e., Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand.

BEC Engineering is an experienced and competent engineering firm specializing in healthcare safety needs, tailoring solutions in a customer-oriented manner. BEC Engineering has been operating for over ten years, developing healthcare security systems with solid expertise, excellent service and innovation.

We started the cooperation in 2018 while developing the new generation MEV-8 equipment. Electrical safety in critical locations, such as hospital operating rooms, requires expertise and deep understanding. BEC Engineering is undeniably a firm expert in the field.

The Malaysian healthcare market

The Malaysian healthcare market is expected to grow 31.2 billion in 2027 f as the government pushes ahead with higher public healthcare expenditure,” says Fitch Solutions Marco Research.

The funds will be allocated to the health sub-sector, mainly for building and maintaining Hospitals and health clinics, upgrading existing healthcare facilities and procuring medical equipment.

This aligns with the emphasis on providing quality healthcare and increasing accessibility to health services in the Malaysian market.

In cooperation with BEC-Engineering, we can meet the needs of Malaysian healthcare regarding electrical safety in operating rooms. Our partnership combines high quality, sustainable development, strong expertise and knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region.

including Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand


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