IFHE Digest 2024: Raising Safety Standards in Healthcare Facilities


The new IFHE Digest 2024 has been published by The International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE).
Our Managing Director Timo Ohtonen has written an article about critical Group 2 healthcare premises. With this article, Mr Ohtonen wanted to highlight the importance of electrical safety within Group 2 premises.

The article focuses on medical IT systems employing insulation monitoring (IMD). Mr Ohtonen shares our teams’ point of view on the most comprehensive and safest way to implement medical IT systems with insulation monitoring and what should be considered in the future. He also shares comments from our Indian, Malaysian and UK partners to create a more global picture. It is worth noting that protective solutions have yet to be universally adopted, but promising developments in legislation and knowledge are steering a path towards international adoption.

A system that prevents electrical accidents is vital to electrical safety, protecting the patients, personnel and medical equipment, preventing electrical fires and burns, and ensuring that unnecessary downtime is avoided and the service life of surgical equipment is extended.

Mr. Ohtonen warmly thank our partners, Mr Ranjit D Deshmukh (India), Mr Mohd Farez (Malaysia) and Mr Gary Mcilvain (UK) for the country-specific review.

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Mr Timo Ohtonen is the Managing Director and owner of PPO-Elektroniikka Oy. Mr Ohtonen was one of the founders in 1981. He has developed five generations of the MEV® Insulation Monitoring System with his team, with vast experience in professional electronics and electrical safety.

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy is a member of the Association of Finnish Hospital Engineering.

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