An environmentally friendly solution that stops forest and wildfires


Finnish companies Kiilto Oy and PPO-Elektroniikka Oy have developed an ecologically friendly fire-fighting chemical PPO® ForExt for stopping forest and wildfires.

PPO ForExt (patent pending) is mixed with water and applied to the outer edges of the fire area. This unique solution has a flame-retardant effect: it puts out the fire and prevents it from spreading.

“With the unique PPO ForExt forest fire-extinguishing solution, we provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable, scalable and affordable way to prevent the spread of fire. As a result, we save lives and protect nature and valuable property, says Timo Ohtonen, Managing Director of PPO-Elektroniikka Oy.

PPO ForExt efficiently prevents the spread of fire
Extinguishing forest fires is a very demanding task. The area can be hard-to-reach and dangerous, constantly requiring a large team of fire professionals 24/7 to control and shut down the fire. Not to mention, fires can last many weeks. PPO ForExt is easy to apply and brings help to the fire area immediately. It is mixed with water and sprayed from helicopters, aeroplanes, fire trucks or other fire extinguishing equipment straight into the area.

Tested with Finnish rescue service operators
In June, we tested the spreadability of the substance in tests organised by the Etelä-Savo Rescue Department in Mikkeli, Finland. The tests were part of a project by the Rescue Department of the Ministry of the Interior. The tests showed that PPO ForExt mixed with water could be applied with any existing equipment.

A most effective combination was achieved with fire equipment developed in cooperation between the Finnish rescue service and Ponsse Oy; A water tank, pump set and water cannon to be installed on top of a forest machine. This type of equipment reaches the most challenging terrain that fire trucks do not reach.

Extinguishing tests with the South Savo Rescue Department in Mikkeli, Finland

PPO ForExt showed its effectiveness in Kalajoki forest fires
Our solution proved effective in the aftermath of the massive forest fire in Kalajoki, Finland, in June. Firefighters sprayed PPO ForExt into a complex fire area with a Ponsse’s forwarder. The water delivered to the site could be sprayed at full pressure over 50 meters on either side of the machine, resulting in a 100-meter comprehensive firebreak at a time.

The forest fire in Kalajoki was the largest in Finland for more than 50 years. The forest area was about 300 hectares. Several Finnish fire brigades were extinguishing the fire burning in the terrain for a long time.

A forest fire in Kalajoki, Finland, in July 2021

Tackling the global threat
Climate change is a real threat to human life and nature conservation. One of the main reasons for this is wildfires. The more the global average temperature rises, the more wildfires will intensify, and vice versa.

Forest fires and wildfires cause damage worth hundreds of billions of dollars globally. Carbon dioxide emissions from forest fires amounted to approximately 7.8 billion in 2019.

“We cannot stop this phenomenon, but we can limit possible impacts. That is why we developed PPO ForExt. We have a unique solution that is neither harmful to people nor the environment”, says Timo Ohtonen.

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy and Kiilto Oy

PPO-Elektroniikka’s more than 30 years of experience in fire extinguishing technology, and Kiilto’s 100-year expertise in the chemical industry made it possible to develop this unique solution. Kiilto is responsible for manufacturing the product and PPO-Elektroniikka for its marketing and developing the spreading technique.

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy specialises in professional electronics and security technology. The company has been producing tailored technology solutions to improve safety and minimise damage for 40 years.

Kiilto Oy is a growing Finnish family-owned company with a hundred-year history. The company develops, manufactures and markets chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial bonding, professional hygiene and consumer goods. In addition, Kiilto produces environmentally friendly fire retardants for sectors such as the wood and paper and packaging industries.

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