The Crucial Role of Insulation Monitoring Systems in Operating Rooms


Ensuring electrical safety is extremely important in the fast-paced environment of surgical procedures, where lives are at stake.

Investing in advanced insulation monitoring systems is not just a matter of regulatory compliance; it’s a commitment to patient safety and preserving life.

IFHE Digest 2024: Raising Safety Standards in Healthcare Facilities


The new IFHE Digest 2024 has been published by The International Federation of Hospital Engineering (IFHE). Our Managing Director
Timo Ohtonen has written an article about critical Group 2 healthcare premises.

MEV®-8 Central Monitoring System for Malaysian Hospitals


Our professional partner, BEC Engineering Sdn Bhd, has delivered the MEV®-8 Central Monitoring System (CMS-8) to the Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC) and Institut Jantung Negara (National Heart Institute). This is an excellent example of how we build electrical safety in critical hospital facilities with our international partners.

Proudly presenting our Ukrainian partner PKF Industrial Technologies


We are pleased to introduce our newest partner, PKF Industrial Technologies. PKF has operated bravely and without interruption throughout the brutal Invasion of Russia.

The unique PE monitoring prevents serious accidents in operating rooms


The unique LC-8 Controller Unit monitors Protective Earth wires’ continuity 24/7, guaranteeing safety and continuous, uninterrupted operation without unnecessary downtime.

M/s HonorAi Pvt. Ltd. is our new MEV-8 distributor in India


We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a strategic agreement with M/s HonorAi Pvt. Ltd. (HPL). HPL is our new distributor of the MEV-8 insulation Level Monitoring Systems in the Indian market

FHE Digest 2022: Training operating room staff in electrical safety


Our Development Manager Petri Pelkonen and Technical Manager Kimmo Konttinen have written an article about training operating room staff in electrical safety in the IFHE Digest 2022.

PPO-Elektroniikka Oy at a vantage point for 40 years


PO-Elektroniikka Oy is a Finnish SME focused on security technology. Our primary solution is the MEV insulation level monitoring system that improves the electrical safety of operating rooms.

An environmentally friendly solution that stops forest and wildfires


With the unique PPO® ForExt forest fire-extinguishing solution, we provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable, scalable and affordable way to prevent the spread of fire.

Electrical safety in an operating room is the sum of many factors


An electrical hazard can lead to injuries and even fatalities. Checklist for hospital management – How to ensure the electrical safety of the operating room.

MVA Electrotecnia Lda to represent Finnish hospital technology in Portugal


PPO Elektroniikka Oy has appointed MVA Electrotecnia Lda as their exclusive distributor in Portugal.

MEV® is now a registered EU-trademark


The product family name MEV® of our insulation level monitoring system is now a registered trademark. We named this system MEV from the Finnish words “earth insulation level control”


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